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Luxury Easter egg - Dark - with Easter eggs

27.93 EUR

Item is not available at the moment

Dark chocolate egg with Easter eggs

An adorable dark chocolate egg with milk and white chocolate decoration, with 7 delicious eggs with fillings. The set is placed in a tasteful box with an elegant pattern in green and golden colours.

Net weight
210 g
Package dimensions
182x115x115 mm
Price per 100g
13.30 EUR
Net Price
26.35 EUR

Easter ChocoPostcard Midi - Easter eggs

28.39 EUR

Item is not available at the moment

Easter eggs and a postcard

Instead of a traditional card, why not combine it with some nice chocolates. The lid of the box can be adjusted with your own picture or a postcard. Inside the box you'll find 15 pralines in the shape of delicious Easter eggs.

Net weight
205 g
Package dimensions
238x170x34 mm
Price per 100g
13.85 EUR
Net Price
26.78 EUR

Easter Goodies - 2 chocolate egg figures

5.18 EUR

Item is not available at the moment

Chocolate Easter figures

Two flat chocolate figures in the shape of broken eggs, colorfully decorated. Packed in a cute white box with windows and Easter motif

Net weight
24 g
Package dimensions
150x120x19 mm
Price per 100g
21.58 EUR
Net Price
4.89 EUR

Happy Sheep - Chocolates

14.02 EUR

Item is not available at the moment

Easter chocolates

Six cute chocolates in the shape of sheep with hazelnut filling. Packed in a nice pastel coloured box with Easter motif. Funny and delicious.

Net weight
110 g
Package dimensions
170x90x40 mm
Price per 100g
12.75 EUR
Net Price
13.23 EUR

Create personalized, unique gifts

Create a delicious treat based on your taste and originality. We offer all types of products for you to play with, including engravings, edible prints, and a choice of your own ingredients. 

Presents for all ocasions

Chocolate gifts

Delicious, high-quality chocolate gifts with exclusive personalisation options for companies.



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Handmade chocolate gifts

Chocolissimo means first of all care for every detail and every sense. Every day we strive to be able to offer products of premium quality and delicious taste! In our offer you can find handmade pralines from prominent Belgian and French journeymen, chocolate gadgets and figurines, drinking chocolate in many flavors, chocolate panes with original flavors and chocolate bars for connoisseurs. For the production of chocolate, we do not skimp the 100% cocoa butter giving the chocolate a slim appearance, and all the additives are selected from the best suppliers. Our chocolates are a delicious, hand-made gift.

Personalised Chocolate gifts

Personalized gifts are a constant hit. Nothing shrugs like gifts from the heart. Personalization gives objects an even more special and intimate character. See our ideas for a unique gift: chocolates with your own picture for a loved one, chocolates with prints - perfect for a gift for wedding guests, as well as a photo-book - our bestseller among photo presentations on Valentine's Day. If you are looking for something simple and elegant - see our pralines in caskets with engraving. You can add your own content - the date of an important event, names, own signature or a short dedication.

Fast Chocolate Gift Delivery

Have  a gift emergency? At Chocolissimo, we understand that gifts for every occasion is always special and sometimes needed fast. At Chocolissimo, you will find an excellent range of premium chocolate available at your doorstep. With us, you will find that we provide premium gift delivery in Europe. You name the occasion and we will provide the birthday, Easter, Christmas, wedding and all types of chocolate delivery. A great thing about Chocolissimo is that the chocolate does not melt during transportation as we cool the package until it has reached your doorstep.

Easter Chocolate

When is Easter? Find the best Easter gifts at Chocolissimo, where you will find unique chocolate gifts and unique chocolate decorations. Chocolate egg for hiding and chocolate to eat while searching. Chocolissimo offers premium Belgian chocolate figurines which quality cannot be competed with. Luxury Easter gifts for him and her. Surprise your kids with chocolate this Easter from Chocolissimo. Let them play with puzzles and later as a reward, eat the puzzle or keep it as chocolate decoration. Are you looking for an idea for original wishes? You do not have to! Check out our Chocolate Telegram - a sweet message written in chocolate! Create your own content and choose the packaging - classic, patterned or with your own photo. Our telegrams are made of the highest quality Belgian chocolate. Sweet surprise guaranteed! You can design your own telegram or use our pre-prepared chocolate wishes for wedding, apologies, or thanks.

Unique Corporate Gifts

Maybe you are looking for an idea for an original gift for business partners or employees? See our offer of gifts and sweet gadgets. Hand-made chocolissimo chocolates are not only an excellent gift idea for a loved one, but also a wide range of opportunities for companies that are looking for the right product as a form of promotion or thanks to employees or contractors. We have a wide range of ideas for Christmas business gifts - for Easter, Christmas and any other occasion. We have the possibility to make chocolates with a printed company logo, personalized packaging, ribbons, making chocolate of any shape and taste - there is no limit in our chocolate business! Send a question to the service department of the companies that will prepare a quote for your needs.

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