Handmade Chocolissimo pralines

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In American style

Product number : 18

Best tastes coming from America gathered in one category. Pralines in the form of American donuts, Marshmallows and other sweet specialties.

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Fruit pralines

Product number : 13

Fruity freshness with the addition of fine spirits closed in a sweet, powdered circular shell.

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Choco Obsession

Product number : 19

Our finest chocolate pralines that will definitely relieve all of your sweet obsessions.

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In wooden boxes

Product number : 53

Luxurious wooden boxes filled with best chocolate pralines.

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Tasteful boxes

Product number : 59

Stylish cardboard boxes filled with tasty chocolates are an excellent gift for every gourmand.

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Original boxes

Product number : 23

Striving for excellence we have created a collection of exclusive chocolate boxes filled with delicious handmade pralines and exquisite fruity chocolates.

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Oval boxes

Product number : 17

Chic oval boxes filled with the finest Belgian pralines.

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Flavors of pralines

Product number : 0

Every kind of chocolate is delicious and provides unique moments of pleasure. In order to help you locate your favourite products in this category our sweets were divided into three categories of chocolate: milk, white and dark.

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