Chocolaterie - Love - Valentin's Day - Chocolates

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Chocolaterie - Love - Valentin's Day - Chocolates
Chocolaterie - Love - Valentin's Day - Chocolates
Chocolaterie - Love - Valentin's Day - Chocolates
Chocolaterie - Love - Valentin's Day - Chocolates

An elegant sweet gift for a loved one. In a well packaged wooden box, with a romantic touch on the lid, hidden inside are 20 handmade pralines made of milk, dessert and white chocolate with delicious fillings. Chocolates were prepared in well-known European manufactures with the use of natural ingredients, guaranteeing an unforgettable tasty experience. An excellent gift for a special someone!

Make it more unique with a personalized engraving on top of the box!

  • Net weight: 250 g
  • Package dimensions: 156x114x88mm

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, cream, glucose syrup, vegetable fat: palm, palm kernel, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower; hazelnuts, alcohol: brandy, ethyl, champagne, Prosecco, whisky, mocha liqueur, vanilla liqueur, Marc de Champagne; skimmed milk powder, humectant: sorbitol syrup, E422, sorbitol, E1103; butter oil, lactose, glucose-fructose syrup, concentrated juice: black currants, raspberries, red currants, beet, grape, orange, blueberries, black carrot, strawberries; milk fat, water, whole milk, invert sugar syrup, emulsifier: soy lecithin, E471, sunflower lecithin; pistachios, skimmed cocoa powder, stabiliser: E420, E422; natural flavours, cream powder, vegetable oil: sunflower, palm; cowberries, wheat flour, espresso coffee, butter, raspberries, condensed milk, natural flavouring: vanilla; blackberries, acidity regulator: E330, E331, E333, E339; invert sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, flavours, strawberries, apricots, gelling agent: pectin; shea butter, extract: vanilla, safflower; coffee powder, almonds, salt, ginger, acid: E330; colours: E162, E163, paprica extract, E120, turmeric extract; natural flavouring - contain nuts, pulp: sea buckthorn; sea salt, concentrated: carrot; milk protein, chili, Bourbon vanilla powder, anhydrous milk fat, barley malt, antioxidant: E307; spirulina, corn starch, caramelized sugar syrup, maltodextrin, gold dust, glazing agent: shellac. Contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter. Contains alcohol. May contain eggs, peanuts, sesame .

Made in EU.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Best before: 28.02.2024


Energy in kJ2 160
Energy in kcal517
Price: 63.69 EUR

Net Price: 60.08 EUR
Price per 100g: 25.48 EUR / 100g

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Chocolaterie - Love - Valentin's Day - Chocolates

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