Gift for any occasion

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Name Day and Birthday

Product number : 0

Best chocolate for a birthday gift or a birthday treat made by best chocolate masters in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany.

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Gift Sets

Product number : 68

Get a taste of our chocolate pralines made by the greatest chocolate masters in Europe. Real masterpieces, original taste and unique forms.

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Product number : 38

Sweet gifts for the wedding guests, thanksgiving gifts  to parents and original delicacies for the Bride and the Groom.

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Product number : 45

Are you looking for a gift for the loved one? What should it be? Romantic, glamorous and sweet as love.

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Product number : 27

There is no time to hesitate, and there is only one sweet answer — Yes, I will!

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Product number : 49

Paper, gold, diamond - elegant gift for a wedding anniversary. Check our suggestions.

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Product number : 21

There are many situations which require our expression of gratitude. For such moments we have prepared a sweet, chocolate thank you.

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Product number : 34

Tactful apology ... say I'm sorry and sweeten your words by giving an original chocolates.

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Product number : 30

Congratulations - an unusual gift for an unique occasion. The  high-end chocolate gift.

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For Her

Product number : 79

Sweet chocolate gifts designed for women. Original figurines in feminine shapes, fine pralines in elegant  boxes and exclusive sets with beautiful flower bouquets.

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For Him

Product number : 72

Chocolate gifts for any man. The best Belgian chocolate in original shapes and flavours.

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For children

Product number : 33

That's what Tigers like best - insanely delicious chocolates in fabulous shapes for everyone — kids and adults.

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For sportsman

Product number : 12

Sweet dose of energy in the form of delicious Belgian chocolates for sports lovers. Here you will find original chocolate figurines and finest chocolate pralines.

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For the Connoisseur

Product number : 17

Cocoa from Ecuador, Java, Ghana, Mexico, velvety texture and balanced flavour of our pralines is just a little bit what you can find here.

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Product number : 6

Elegant porcelain shapes and unique flavours of chocolates - a match made in heaven.

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Product number : 66

Easter rabbits, chicken, lambs and eggs — all made of the highest quality chocolate. Make sure that your Easter sweet table stands out of the crowd.

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