Black Friday

Choose an exclusive present for your loved ones or... for yourself. Only until 27/11. Our sweetest chocolate at special prices.


When is Black Friday?

Find Black Friday candy at Chocolissimo. Look through a list of premium chocolate on promotion only for 24 hours. Find online shopping deals at Chocolissimo and enjoy the taste and experience it will bring. Don't miss out Black Friday this year as your friends will be buying chocolate and candy when the prices are at the lowest. Black Friday chocolate candy promotions started in the US and was brought through the UK into Europe. Now we all celebrate the day around the world. The UK and Europe are still not as far with promotions as the US, although, with premium chocolate, it is impossible to give better deals than Chocolissmo produces. 

Black Friday

Every year, Chocolissimo picks some of the most unique chocolate to add to its Black Friday promotion. This year, find yourself surprised with Black Friday deals Chocolissimo have provided. Chocolate pralines, neapoliticans, truffles and unique chocolate figures at your disposal! Have a look thought Chocolissimo's premium chocolate webpage and find something for your or a loved one! No one needs to know the price you paid! Its a gift, we only give you the price, no one else sees anything but a lovely packed chocolate gift.
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