Chocolate shapes

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Chocolate figurines

Product number : 3

The intriguing original chocolate gifts one can come up with — surprising forms, unusual shapes and unique taste of chocolate is the best guarantee of a successful gift for any occasion.

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Chocolate slabs

Product number : 27

Exlusive chocolate bars made of the best chocolate from Mexico, Tanzania, Madagaskar and many other destinations.

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Chocolate snacks

Product number : 28

Unique chocolate snacks full of various flavours and aromas — a sweet moment of oblivion …

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Product number : 5

Silky and delicate...surprising taste. Handmade chocolate truffles will take you on a journey to chocolate kingdom where every bite shows a new and unique flavour!

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Drinking chocolate

Product number : 13

If you feel that you figured out the whole secret of chocolate sensations reach for Chocolissimo drinking chocolate. It will provide you with a lot of sensations thanks to unique flavour of hot chocolate.

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Product number : 6

Chocolate fondue created by French chocolate masters. Dip fresh and juicy fruits and ejnoy best chocolate and fruit flavor combinations.

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Fruits in chocolate

Product number : 7

The richness of fruity flavours hidden under a layer of delicious chocolate. A feast for the senses which is hard to resist.

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